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Louisville’s Black Avant-Garde: Robert Douglas

Painting title: "Then What
Did She Say?"
Robert Douglas (1934-2023)
Image Credit: Bill Roughen for
the Speed Art Museum

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Prenatal Care: Getting Your Family off to a Great Start

Now more than ever pregnancy can present significant stress for Black women. Regardless of income, education or where you live, Black women are three to four times more likely to die during pregnancy compared to white women.

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Father’s Day and Juneteenth Celebrations in Louisville

Music filled the air while good food and family fun took place throughout the city as families celebrated generations of fathers.

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inSPIRE Black Louisville Magazine’s readership demographic varies, but it primarily consists of individuals who identify as Black or have an interest in Black culture, experiences, and perspectives.

Here are the magazine’s key demographic characteristics:

Ethnicity: inSPIRE Black Louisville Magazine’s primary demographic readers are individuals who identify as Black or African American. However, the magazine’s readership extends beyond this group, as various ethnic groups increase interest in Black culture and lifestyle.

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  • 24% of the Louisville Metro population of 1.1M is Black (264,000)
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  • Age: 28-65 (Median 36)
  • Household Income: $65,000 and up
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It’s important to note that these demographics are generalizations, because of the newness of the publication, and the specified target audience and demographics may vary based on each editorial vision and goals.

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